Service Experience

Service Experience
The functional areas in which the Kokua Support Services Corp. team has experience will be discussed in detail to demonstrate the specialized skills and experience of Kokua and its team members. We provide unique technical capabilities critical for current and emerging NAVSEA, NAVAIR, NAVSUP and SPAWAR programs. Due to the number of zones and functional areas the team covers, the following list is representative of the capabilities of the team members, but does not include all zones and functional areas.
[ico type =”icon-caret-right”] R & D Support
[ico type =”icon-caret-right”] Engineering Support
[ico type =”icon-caret-right”] Modeling
[ico type =”icon-caret-right”] Prototyping
[ico type =”icon-caret-right”] System Des Doc/Tech Data
[ico type =”icon-caret-right”] Software
[ico type =”icon-caret-right”] RM&A
[ico type =”icon-caret-right”] HF Engineering Support
[ico type =”icon-caret-right”] System Safety
[ico type =”icon-caret-right”] CM Support
[ico type =”icon-caret-right”] QA Support
[ico type =”icon-caret-right”] IS/IA/IT Interoperability/T & E/Trials
[ico type =”icon-caret-right”] Acquisition Logistics
[ico type =”icon-caret-right”] Supply & Provisioning
[ico type =”icon-caret-right”] Training
[ico type =”icon-caret-right”] In-Service Engineering

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