Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance
Kokua Support Services Corp.’s management and staff have a proactive approach in providing high levels of quality services and deliverables. The key to the Kokua’s quality assurance program is to indoctrinate the entire staff assigned to a contract in the quality control of all its products and services. Every deliverable will be given a comprehensive review prior to delivery. These reviews will ensure compliance with the task assignment and Kokua’s high standards for quality in the areas of format, timeliness, technical content, and applicability to our customer’s needs.
Our quality assurance controls consist of a three-phase review process:
1. Initial In-Process Review to minimize rework.
2. Second-Level Review by key personnel for complex deliverables.
3. Program Manager Review for all major or high-visibility products.
Examples of specific techniques that can be used include:
Performance Measures:  Total customer satisfaction, measurable and required work response time, and accuracy will be the Quality Assurance yardsticks to be evaluated. Inspections and customer response to services will be the manner of assessing quality.
Peer Review:  Peers and leads will proofread and perform reviews on all products, such as technical reports, official correspondence, etc.
Quality Assurance Meetings:  When a new form of work is anticipated, group meetings will be conducted to inform all employees of the problem(s) or requirement and to solicit ideas and support to produce a quality product.

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