Lindsey Tran, Vice President, Board of Directors

Lindsey Tran

As co-owner and Executive Vice President for Kokua Support Services, Lindsey Tran is responsible for overseeing strategic plans to achieve the company’s mission and growth.  She coordinates with the President/CEO to ensure a sound financial infrastructure and sufficient resources to achieve the company’s objectives and goals.

As a defense contractor, Kokua Support Services must comply with myriad federal regulations in its business practices, and Lindsey is responsible for coordinating and enforcing compliance in all areas, as well as overseeing the Human Resources department. Currently, Lindsey serves as one of the directors in the Kokua Support Services Board of Directors.

Prior to establishing EPCS/Kokua Support Services with her husband, Lindsey spent six years as a pathologist assistant in histology and cytology. She has been a co-owner and an executive officer of EPCS for nearly three decades. Her leadership responsibilities include collaborating with subcontractors in implementing and maintaining a timely work schedule as well as quality assurance. She assists with the company’s bookkeeping and other financial reports and is active in the company’s overall strategic operations.

Lindsey earned a bachelor’s degree in secondary education in the Philippines and a master’s degree at Old Dominion University. She and Sang have one daughter and three grandchildren.