Andreas (Andy) Gruendel, Ph.D., Director of Strategic Growth

Andreas (Andy) Gruendel, Ph.D., is tasked with the strategic growth of Kokua Support Services Corporation. Andy accomplishes this by developing relationships that lead to new opportunities expanding the Kokua capabilities footprint. Andy researches, captures, writes and develops proposals in support of our growth strategy.

Spending five years in the commercial industry as a Vice President of Business Development for a large fortune 500 company, Andy developed a keen sense of how to capture and manage complicated opportunities. Andy transitioned into the Government world as a civilian worker for the US Army, managing and writing college curriculum. In the past ten years, Andy has been a defense contractor with a primary focus on managing programs and people.

Prior to leaving the service, Andy spent over 25 years as a Senior Enlisted Infantry Leader in the US Army, holding key leadership positions ranging from team leader to operations Sergeant’s Major. Andy had several key deployments, including two with the 2d Ranger Battalion. Andy holds a Ph.D. in Leadership and Executive Management.